Sunday in Sindelfingen

Our little house on a beautiful Sunday in Sindelfingen. The idyll is deceptive. We live on a traffic island. All around us are the major highways and the roads to the Mercedes plant in Sindelfingen. During the week, it's loud and more than 20 000 cars drive past us in a day. But on Sundays it is quieter and we can relax.

Directly behind our house it goes into the forest. Since many years we meet here for jogging. At the beginning there is a steep uphill. 
We are rewarded with views of the area. The chimneys of the Mercedes-Benz plant can be seen from afar.
The Sindelfingen plant is the largest production facility at Daimler AG.
It is possible to plan a visit. It's an incredible experience. Highly recommended.

On the way back we pass the horse farm. You cannot believe that you are in the middle of one of the most busy areas of Germany.

We go to rest and a few gymnastic exercises in the garden.
Now already the roses bloom and the first flower pots are in the garden.
Today no lunch at home. Only a short shower and then ...

... a walk to the medieval Sindelfingen center
There are only a few buildings intact after the end of World War II. These have been carefully and painstakingly restored.

This fountain makes me laugh when I pass. The fountain figures are the two "Schwätzweiber". The not very flattering representation of the Swabian rural women are renowned for their talkativeness.

I never go through the city without passing the window of the only wool shop. There are mainly seen socks wool. Nowadays it is often closed because the shop owner is a very old lady who runs the shop for more than fifty years.

Today fish market is on the market place and you can eat outside. This only happens once a year. Fish is not among the favorite food of Swabia. Today, there is thus a delicious fish for lunch.
This place is the heart of Sindelfingen. Three times the week we have the farmers market here with fresh vegetable, flowers, eggs etc.

Today, there is a second event. The lake was cleaned and filled with fresh water. There is live music and in the evening there is a firework display.

But I'd rather go home and have a few rows of knitting before tomorrow return to regular life begins.
We wish you also a nice Sunday


  1. Lovely to share your day with you Ute!

  2. Lovely! Thank you Ute for sharing your day with us.

  3. What a lovely day! It was nice visiting with you in your pretty town!


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